Sunday, February 1, 2009

Save Handmade.. Save Small Businesses!

Today is CPSIA Blogging Day. Another big push to get the laws changed and prevent thousands of small business owners — artists and crafters making beautiful handmade items for children — from going under. Bloggers across the country are posting today about this important issue. Kirtsy user Sarah Jane has an excellent post on her blog detailing the situation and what you can do.
Here’s a short list of action items:1) Find out more. Here or here are good places to start.2) Make your voice heard. USE THE ACTION KIT made by etsy administration with sample letters that can be used to contact all the pertinent representatives.
3) Help spread the word! Put up a post today about CPSIA Blogging Day. Send an email to your friends. Tell your sister about it when she calls. Put a link on kirtsy. Tweet your heart out about it.
So many companies that kirtsy loves to feature and support will be affected by this new law. In most of the cases, the testing fees required will put these micro-businesses in bankruptcy. Can you imagine a world without bazillions of awesome etsy shops? That’s a sad, sad picture.


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