Thursday, February 19, 2009

Inspiration Room

Flicking through the pages of Vintage Indie blog .. there was a very inspirational Business Talk section which I want to share with everyone aiming for ideas and inspiration for business start-up.

Below is the post , and if you like to read more about the Business Talk series , visit Vintage Indie and get inspired!!

" Unlike your ordinary business series, focusing on start up (which is important) we wanted to bring you another level to the table. We wanted you to hear first hand from business owners themselves about the "real world" of owning your own business and being your own boss. While researching start up and business plans are all very important, we feel an inside look is invaluable information for you.
Thanks to Barb the designer and store owner behind
Knack Studios for graciously sharing her experience with us:

Hi Barb, Thanks again for answering a few questions about opening up your own store. We are excited to hear from a business owner first hand about the aspects of starting, running and operating your own store.

If you could share the top five most important things you suggest doing before opening a store, what would they be?

1. do your homework .... find out what your point of difference is
2. know your target market
3. brand yourself!! This is worth every penny!! Hire a graphic designer to come up with your logo, website and print. Plaster it everywhere and in everything you do!! ( my husband happens to be a graphic designer and has done all my branding for me, but I did realize a dream this year and paid for a letterpress business package!)
4. come up with a business plan ........ know where you are going and how you plan to get there. Use cash if you can , and grow small and smart instead of strapping yourself with a big loan.
5. make sure you have a good support system .... you will need them in the days to come:)

You can read more on this by visiting Vintage Indie blog .. I had to cut this short as it was copyrighted ..My Bad :)



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