Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm searching for Paint ..

It's never an easy task. Even if you just want plain ol' white washed paint , there are a gazillion of shades to pick from.. It's a good thing ,one might think.. but it could be a curse

its not easy even to me as a designer, so many questions run into my mind , why this shade not the other? and should I match it with my furniture, the floor? Shall I test how it looks like with my spot lights ? or with natural light? how much can I use from a pint to test ?

which brings me to the achingly realistic fact that I'm facing with every time I choose paint:

Why would I even bother to buy a full price on a whole pint of color if I just want to test?! I know that some companies make smaller test samples that are sometimes usueful. but I cant find that easily here in Kuwait. You either buy the whole pint , and it'd better be your shade , or else you'd be a paint collector without your knowing !

A favorite blogger and store owner of Knack Studio has the perfect shade in one of her rooms ( shown above ) , and she was kind enough to share with me the name of the shade : forde abbey from Ralph Lauren Paint. WOW Ralph Lauren?! Yes Ralph Lauren.. check out their website and be mismerised! amazing stuff there.. every single shade I've ever thought of and more can even purchase little paint samples !! I need that for sure..

so this is my pick ( again , dear husband , read this carefully and share your preference!! )

Modern Studio
Loft Living
Architectural Off-white
Cream stone

see what I mean?

you can have a paint pallette test just like I collected up there. sorry for the bad quality of pictures.



  1. Hello! I just found you from over at SITS! What a fantastic idea to order paint samples online! We have accent walls in our apartment but if I'm ever lucky enough to live in a house this would be a very useful tool. I hope your husband chooses a great color!

  2. Thank you so much for posting my interview and for all the knack love! I love your blog and will be back often!! xoxo