Friday, February 13, 2009

A ROOM for Food ...

which dinning room are you ? share your preference!



  1. wow these images are so gorgeous, I was trying to pick out a favorite but it's seriously impossible!

    ps,your blog is so stunning, can't believe i've only just found it! would love to exchange links if you're interested, :)

  2. Tina.. thanks ! and it'd be my pleasure to exchange with you! :)

    That Girl Designs.. I just had a convo with one of my friends who disliked the number 4.. and I was defending it so badly that I fell in love with it all over again.. especially the color pallettes of yellows , blues and whites! thanks for commenting!

  3. my favorite is 10, it wasnt easy to choose from all these wonderful pics. Guess I like 10 most because of the wonderful contrast between the white and the old wooden table - and because of the large window front

    have a nice weekend and valentine day

  4. Gorgeous! I'm just doing over my dining room so there was some great inspiration in your images. Pictures 10 and 11 are just beautiful, if only my dining room were that big :) Thanks for adding me to your blogroll x

  5. Umm, can I take c) all of the above? I currently have no dining room and ache for the day when I can entertain guests on a beautiful table.


  6. My favourite is number 8 - I am very predictable in my love of white with splashes of colour. Plus I love all the little posters and postcards, just like I have dotted around my bedroom. And I adore fresh flowers! So number 8 is just a dream for me. But I do love almost all of these! I love your blog, absolutely beautiful :)

  7. Each and every room for food is different and just as inviting. I love them all we all have our style that says me.