Monday, October 26, 2009

More Sucre?

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Portraits on Walls..

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Note to Self..

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Make This .

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Madame Sucre..

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Bonjour !

in the mood for more sugar ? check the preview of my other blog Madame Sucre..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just Loving.. dusty & french

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

to me , kitchens are goood when they're Old & Used ..

the perfect kitchen , in my opinion , is not the spick n' span , streamlined glossy counters type of kitchen , with state of the art equipment..

( although i have all what is mentioned above , minus the state of the art part. )

now , this is THE perfect setting.
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tired? worn out? YES YES , PLEASE!

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friendly? everything within reach? Perrrrrfect!

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homey , monochromatic colored? White is heavenly!

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now how about all the stuff I have , & have no space to store em ? Think. INSIDE. the. Box.
& hanging some antique trays with ribbons is something I already had in mind.
Yeah Right.
Love this idea!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Invite Autumn for Dinner

invite some warmth into your table settings this fall..
we dont celebrate thanksgiving or halloween in Kuwait.. yet I can't just sit here watch the world around me " specially the blogging world" ..get indulged in sweet & warm tables , parties , food and gatherings .. so i decided to come up with a party for kids .. called " Autumn Party"..
some of these images here will be a helpful canvas to start with as ideas for decorating ..
more on this will definetly come soon!
you can also visit my "coming soon" dessert blog Madame Sucre to see more pretty table settings and sweets!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tea Party.. this year's Girge'an favors ..

photos from November Blog

Every Ramadan ( which we celebrated last month) families send favors to other relatives and friends during Gerge'an..

Originally Gerge'an is a 3 day celebration somewhat similar to Halloween , kids dress up , not in costumes but in traditional Kuwaiti costumes , and go door to door in the neighborhood asking for treats..

grown-ups , these days , have developed a new version of their Gerge'an.. making and sending favors and treats to family members and friends..

so this year was very special to me , as it was the first year my little girl gets to celebrate Gerge'an and dress up in traditional Kuwaiti costumes.. therefore , I have ordered the favors from a very elegant bakery here in Kuwait ..called The November Bakery. If you may recall , I have already written a previous post with some photos about this bakery.

I had one theme on mind , which was a Tea Party.. which we call in Kuwait Baroy.. with teacups , sweets such as biscuits and ghraybah ( a traditional kuwaiti cookie) .. sachets of loose tea , sugar .. November Bakery was the best in taking my concept and putting it into reality.

they created trays , of blue and rose.. each have compartments that hold a teacup, which was a delicate vintage design ..and sachets of the loose tea & sugar , sachets of cookies of many sorts and ghraybah.. all packaged up nicely , which a wonderful gift tag that says " Ghraybah o Ghareeb 3ala Chay o 7aleeb" which merely translates into "have your ghraybah ( cookie) with creamed tea " ..

thank you November for such a great presentation! I loved working with you and you definetly have put a smile on every reciever of this favor , Gerge'an!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lenotre Classes: Les Macarons Noix..

mixing the macarons ingredients , adding colorants

checking the macarons from the oven.. firm and crispy

pouring water underneath the parchment paper to easily pull off the macarons without breakage..

making the chocolate ganache the french way ..

cooling and ready !

pistachio marzepan the best part was that we get to take all those delicious macarons home .. "see the gigantic ones .."

my lenotre macaron class

the second class i took was macarons class in Ecole Lenotre Paris..

will , I must admit that I really enjoyed this class .. I've never made macarons , or at least not the right way anyway.. so this was a challenge.. again , with the language constraints! ..

it was a 4 hour class , which covered nuts macarons , pistachio macarons and chocolate macarons..

mastering the art of making the macarons all the same size was a bit challenging too.. which explains why some of them turned gigantic , mostly suitable as burgers buns than macarons haha.. ah well..

Paris.. the city of love.. the city of lights.. I love this shot of the Tour Eiffel taken by my husband.. way to go!
macarons of many flavors in dreamy packages at LADUREE Paris.. my favs were Rose , Pistache and Framboise macarons..
a whole pistache macaron cake at LADUREE... oh honey!


more on Moulin Bregeon ..

part of the kitchen
loved these chairs!

the kitchen where we did most of our cooking - see the wooden cabinet on the right? its a FRIDGE!

the stairs up to our rooms and a hallway cabinet
I loved the antique framed ladies

the soaps - we even went to the soap factory Martin De Candre and bought lotsa lavender and honey soap for family as souvenirs

our bathroom - check out the floor tiles!!
all pics are from their website as they are more beautifully & professionally photographed than mine..


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lenotre Classes: Pate en Patisserie

our Pates en Patisseries class

pate de choux in the oven

while I was in Paris , I took a class in Ecole Amateur Lenotre De Cuisine et De Patisserie , Lenotre is a world wide well known luxury resturant & their school at Champs Elysee is one of Paris' top pastry & cuisine schools , just like Ecole Ritz and Le Cordon Bleu , so I was one lucky gal to get into a couple of their all time full classes!
we made broiche , which I took with me home and my hubby & I ate for breakfast the next morning with some apricot jam ..YUMMM !
we made Pate Feuilletee , Pate a Choux , Pate Sablee and Pate Brisee ..
the funny thing is that the whole class was taught in french , and I had to work double hard in remembering some words and sentences of some very basic french that I was taught while in school.. pathetic as I was lost in the middle , the classmates were so sweet to help me with translation! Chef Francois Schmitt was also very calm and helpful.. trying his best to focus on me sometimes , especially when my face sends puzzled messages !