Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lenotre Classes: Les Macarons Noix..

mixing the macarons ingredients , adding colorants

checking the macarons from the oven.. firm and crispy

pouring water underneath the parchment paper to easily pull off the macarons without breakage..

making the chocolate ganache the french way ..

cooling and ready !

pistachio marzepan the best part was that we get to take all those delicious macarons home .. "see the gigantic ones .."

my lenotre macaron class

the second class i took was macarons class in Ecole Lenotre Paris..

will , I must admit that I really enjoyed this class .. I've never made macarons , or at least not the right way anyway.. so this was a challenge.. again , with the language constraints! ..

it was a 4 hour class , which covered nuts macarons , pistachio macarons and chocolate macarons..

mastering the art of making the macarons all the same size was a bit challenging too.. which explains why some of them turned gigantic , mostly suitable as burgers buns than macarons haha.. ah well..

Paris.. the city of love.. the city of lights.. I love this shot of the Tour Eiffel taken by my husband.. way to go!
macarons of many flavors in dreamy packages at LADUREE Paris.. my favs were Rose , Pistache and Framboise macarons..
a whole pistache macaron cake at LADUREE... oh honey!



  1. That looks like some serious fun!!! I would LOVE to do that! Beautiful shot of the Eiffel Tower!!

    :) T

  2. i thaink that your travel and cooking school in france was just amazing! i love macarons and love your blog.
    have a great tuesday!

  3. I so want to go to france! I have heard such good things about Lauduree! Thanks for the detailed photos of the class.

  4. Oh Laduree is my favourite macarons then pierre herme. I can just live in Laduree in a perfect ideal world!!!!

  5. Wow ... you were living my dream ! I wish they were as easy to make as they are to eat ! Love your blog. XOL

  6. Great post and pictures :), did you ever try making them at home afterwards? I think its something that takes a lot of practice, especially when it comes to piping out the macaroon shells.
    By the way, just tried Laduree's orange flower macaroon for the first time. Its great :D