Thursday, October 15, 2009

to me , kitchens are goood when they're Old & Used ..

the perfect kitchen , in my opinion , is not the spick n' span , streamlined glossy counters type of kitchen , with state of the art equipment..

( although i have all what is mentioned above , minus the state of the art part. )

now , this is THE perfect setting.
via chez fifi

tired? worn out? YES YES , PLEASE!

via daisy pink cupcake

friendly? everything within reach? Perrrrrfect!

via mary ruffle
homey , monochromatic colored? White is heavenly!

via pink cupcake

now how about all the stuff I have , & have no space to store em ? Think. INSIDE. the. Box.
& hanging some antique trays with ribbons is something I already had in mind.
Yeah Right.
Love this idea!



  1. I think there is a detail in each picture that I just love!

  2. These kitchen are gorgeous! Just the way I'd like to have my own!!!
    Happy week end!

  3. Sou do Brasil e adoro seu site.
    Parabéns pelo espaço tão maravilhoso!
    Beijos e beijos1

  4. I recognized Fifi's kitchen right away.My husband and were fortunate to meet Fifi and spend time in her wonderful home.
    She was so gracious.. so beautiful:) And her home if you can believe even lovelier in person:)like her!!It's the feeling :)

  5. I love these kitchen look! Great inspiration.

  6. Hello! i have that first kitchen in my inspiration folder, love it! & ur blog!! lovely thoughts

  7. I just stumbled across your blog and recognized Fifi's kitchen. I'm so glad I found you :)


  8. What beautiful wonderful kitchens. I like kitchens with charater. I think your kitchen should work for your individual style. I really like that french kitchen look. I like kitchens that have that old world charm. That's why I started designing and creating a line of original handmade artwork especially designed for your kitchen, dinning room, cafe, or resturant in mind. Your kitchen or dinning room should reflect your style.