Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Invite Autumn for Dinner

invite some warmth into your table settings this fall..
we dont celebrate thanksgiving or halloween in Kuwait.. yet I can't just sit here watch the world around me " specially the blogging world" ..get indulged in sweet & warm tables , parties , food and gatherings .. so i decided to come up with a party for kids .. called " Autumn Party"..
some of these images here will be a helpful canvas to start with as ideas for decorating ..
more on this will definetly come soon!
you can also visit my "coming soon" dessert blog Madame Sucre to see more pretty table settings and sweets!

via country living



  1. I love the pine cones on ribbon. Beautiful.

  2. Funny I loved the pine cones too!Quite beautiful..everything~

  3. I just love your Autumn party for kids...it'd be quite lovely for adults too!!!

    :) T

  4. Lovely autumn feel. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Bash,
    Such a neat idea of using brown paper for the children's table. The crayons are a clever touch and will keep the little darlings entertained while the adults enjoy their meal too! I checked out Madame Sucre and love, love love it! I look forward to following it!

  6. I loved the pewter (?) soup tureen! My other favorite were the pinecones hung from ribbons...I think I will use that idea for Christmas! Love your blog! Would love to have you come back by for a visit at Monkeyshine Business :)

  7. finally a new post on your blog! i was looking so much forward!! i just love your taste and visiting your blog is always a pleasure:) by the way, may i have a pice iof this lovely tart?
    have a great day!

  8. Beautiful! I always find inspiration from your lovely blog.

  9. Why is it, that craft brown paper really does it for me?..

    I'll take the table with the draw on place settings, the gift-to-go boxes filled with that lovely pie sitting on the wood block. Peace.

  10. Wow! I just found your blog. I absolutely love your taste! I am a retired interior designer and I love your fresh ideas. I am a food blogger now but it does my soul good to see your beautiful blog. Thanks for posting.

  11. LOVE your work here. lovely inspirational blog you have <3

    it's very nice to meet you.. introducing myself to creative blogs i adore around the blogosphere -- would love to swap links or feature you! xox

  12. This post is totally inspiring me. Fall is my favourite season - there's nothing I like more than cold weather food and a table set for autumn!