Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fresh Vegs & Great Friends!

the Moulin Bregeon

Bonjour ! I'm back from my very short trip to France in the French Country side .. and Paris.

all I can say is I was sent to heaven , ate there , played ,napped , made friends with french people , americans , made friends with goats , cows , horses , ducks and geese.. bathed in great savon , brought home memories and awsome vintage french flea market finds.. Oh La
we stayed at Le Moulin Bregeon , a former mill turned into luxurious guest house , sitting in a green country farm , the nearest village is 10 minutes drive , nearest small town is 30 minutes drive , so this was REALLY secluded and very tranquile.

The owners , Bernard & Pascal are both french and amazing chefs , they took us in tours and activities such as horse back riding , and we are not talking about the tourists kinda horses that lack energy or grace , we are talking about the professional way in an equastrian school ! and Saumur , where we went to horse ride , is France's National Training Equistrian Center!
Pascal in the dinning room

Bernard , if you are reading this , we love you so much! thank you for all the fun you brought into our days , thank you for the looong drives and you always made us happy !!

Pascal was great too , he took us with him for champignions , that is for finding fresh mushrooms in the wild!!! in the middle of the forest , like 20 minutes walk into a forest , while we come from Kuwait , forests are almost non-existant .. this was kinda overwhelming.. and we LOVED every minute of it.. we got HUGE GIGANTIC mushrooms , Pascal made them for dinner with some french butter and garlic and OH MY GOD .. HEAVEN!! ( I said that in a very high pitch )..

the huge mushrooms we found in the wild

Jonathan Robinson is a famous american artist , he is the founder of the Moulin Bregeon and owner too.. he took us to his art studio and we had amazing energetic talks about the art , architecture and the whole concept of fitting it into nature , or as its called " the commulitave aesthetic" .. more about this in a seperate post..
of course , I took some cooking and baking lessons with Pascal and Bernard.. which I will talk about later as this post is getting so huge!

the rooms , my oh my , filled with antiques and vintage stuff , vintage linens , mirrors , I took the photos but some of them are grabbed from their website as they look more pretty and professionally shot!

our suite was HUGE .. in the heart of the MILL.. you can see the MILL parts in the roof and in the whole room .. ah , love!
our bedroom in the mill house

the bathroom

more to come!



  1. It sounds like you had a fabulous time, Bash! A vacation to remember for sure! It must have been great to walk through the forest looking for mushrooms and the way you described their preparation sounds wonderful {I love mushrooms!}.

  2. Lucky you! Sounds and looks like paradise:) Love the song too!

  3. Just discovered your blog, it is lovely :)

  4. Nana , Little something , & Kathy ..
    I did have a wonderful time of my life.. never ever thought i'd enjoy the farm life! not me ! was a totally city person & turned into a country relaxation-seeking person!

    I need to find more time to write more about this and show you more pics soon! thanks alot for stopping by and commenting!!

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  6. Hi
    Just read through your Blog, it is fantastic, great vintage ideas!
    x Julie x