Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lenotre Classes: Pate en Patisserie

our Pates en Patisseries class

pate de choux in the oven

while I was in Paris , I took a class in Ecole Amateur Lenotre De Cuisine et De Patisserie , Lenotre is a world wide well known luxury resturant & their school at Champs Elysee is one of Paris' top pastry & cuisine schools , just like Ecole Ritz and Le Cordon Bleu , so I was one lucky gal to get into a couple of their all time full classes!
we made broiche , which I took with me home and my hubby & I ate for breakfast the next morning with some apricot jam ..YUMMM !
we made Pate Feuilletee , Pate a Choux , Pate Sablee and Pate Brisee ..
the funny thing is that the whole class was taught in french , and I had to work double hard in remembering some words and sentences of some very basic french that I was taught while in school.. pathetic as I was lost in the middle , the classmates were so sweet to help me with translation! Chef Francois Schmitt was also very calm and helpful.. trying his best to focus on me sometimes , especially when my face sends puzzled messages !



  1. you are so lucky! i would love to take that class! having a cuisine classes in paris in on the top of my dreams!
    thank you very much for sharing!

  2. Waht a gorgeous blog and photos. That class sounds amazing.