Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tea Party.. this year's Girge'an favors ..

photos from November Blog

Every Ramadan ( which we celebrated last month) families send favors to other relatives and friends during Gerge'an..

Originally Gerge'an is a 3 day celebration somewhat similar to Halloween , kids dress up , not in costumes but in traditional Kuwaiti costumes , and go door to door in the neighborhood asking for treats..

grown-ups , these days , have developed a new version of their Gerge'an.. making and sending favors and treats to family members and friends..

so this year was very special to me , as it was the first year my little girl gets to celebrate Gerge'an and dress up in traditional Kuwaiti costumes.. therefore , I have ordered the favors from a very elegant bakery here in Kuwait ..called The November Bakery. If you may recall , I have already written a previous post with some photos about this bakery.

I had one theme on mind , which was a Tea Party.. which we call in Kuwait Baroy.. with teacups , sweets such as biscuits and ghraybah ( a traditional kuwaiti cookie) .. sachets of loose tea , sugar .. November Bakery was the best in taking my concept and putting it into reality.

they created trays , of blue and rose.. each have compartments that hold a teacup, which was a delicate vintage design ..and sachets of the loose tea & sugar , sachets of cookies of many sorts and ghraybah.. all packaged up nicely , which a wonderful gift tag that says " Ghraybah o Ghareeb 3ala Chay o 7aleeb" which merely translates into "have your ghraybah ( cookie) with creamed tea " ..

thank you November for such a great presentation! I loved working with you and you definetly have put a smile on every reciever of this favor , Gerge'an!



  1. So lovely, the tea cups are! I am just loving them. Beautiful gifts.
    Enjoy your Holiday,

  2. Hi Bash, I absolutely love your blog, the pictures are just beautiful! your kitchen is very dreamy, the perfect kitchen with lots of flowers and antique furnishing! definitely be in my blog roll! merci

  3. Nice to hear from you Bash! I'm sure your white pumpkins will grow and I can't wait to see the results! I like to read your posts and learn the traditions of your country! The cups are very nice and the November Bakery looks gorgeous!
    Wish you a nice day!
    Warm greetings

  4. i love the tea cups and i like very much this gift tradition. is something similar to our christmas gifts, isn't it?
    thank you for sharing these lovely pictures :)
    wish you a great day!

  5. I love these tea cups I'm going to start collecting tea cups.

  6. Oooh, I just love these little teacups. They're so beautiful.

  7. Hi Bash,
    When I lived in Dubai I looked forward to breaking the fast at one of the big Ramadan tents on the Gulf. This is the first time I’ve heard of Gerge’ an, and found your post fascinating. My husband used to travel to Kuwait often for business. My daughter was school age so I was never able to make the journey with him. From photos I've seen how beautiful Kuwait is and 'in sha Allah' someday I will get to visit.

  8. thank you everyone for commenting!! yes collecting teacups is such a fun thing to do by the way! im starting my small collection of antique teacups ..i have about 6 very unique ones !

    Cathy i cant wait to have you come visit ..it will be my pleasure :)