Sunday, October 4, 2009

more on Moulin Bregeon ..

part of the kitchen
loved these chairs!

the kitchen where we did most of our cooking - see the wooden cabinet on the right? its a FRIDGE!

the stairs up to our rooms and a hallway cabinet
I loved the antique framed ladies

the soaps - we even went to the soap factory Martin De Candre and bought lotsa lavender and honey soap for family as souvenirs

our bathroom - check out the floor tiles!!
all pics are from their website as they are more beautifully & professionally photographed than mine..



  1. What an interesting post. I love the style of the furniture.I remember some of my Belgian relatives having a similar fridge years ago.
    Isabelle x

  2. Wow, I have just found your blog and it's amazing! Thank you for all the inspiration :)