Friday, April 17, 2009

a Shop to be Curious about ..

The Curious Sofa , a retail boutique located in Kansas City.. check it out for 50% sale on easter items..

I simply want to live there! !



  1. What lovely things. Thank you for visiting French Essence, xv.

  2. Ooo I love that table! Beautiful shop!
    Happy Weekend!
    xo Isa

  3. Bashayer,
    I agree this is a lovely shop! I also love your new look to your blog, very nice!

  4. Hello Bashayer
    I can see why you like that shop! Just the kind of shop I like going to. It reminds me of a shop in Bruges. How is the decorating going?
    Isabelle x

  5. Vicki , Isa , Cathy ..I would love to visit that shop too! I cant believe how there are many pretty shops out there that I get introduced to in a daily basis!

    Isabelle.. decorating is the fun part ..its not going well thu. Can't find the items I like in Kuwait and its getting to be a lot of a headache.. so I'm taking a break! hehe

  6. Love that shop! I want each one of those urns Gorgeous.

  7. Good Morning ;o)

    ohhhhh...i could buy lovely..there so many things that i would have...wonderful wonderful wonderful...

    but i have a question..i am still in kuwait or in the united states??? *smile*
    i am reading you're word's but my "school english" is a long time ago and i can't remember every word ;o)

    But onething i have to say:
    I adore you're blog too...;o)
    so many beautyful things...i could steal you something ;o)

    heartly hugs tine

  8. What a great shop...I love the shutters & door display. Thanks for sharing.