Saturday, April 11, 2009

How vintage can a nursery be ?

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I need more inspirational ideas for the nursery.. but is it safe to go all vintage? how about lead painted surfaces and furniture from the older times? ..
if you have any experience or any advice in this regards , please post bellow or email me!
and just look at how beautiful those rooms ..

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  1. They're all so beautiful. I love the birds on a string. But all the white linen and paintwork- that's a lot of pressure for any little person, especially one getting to grips with toilet training or art!

    You're right about being wary of lead paint. You can buy lead testing kits commercially from some traders, but vintage paints (1970s or before in the UK) - are pretty much a dead cert to contain lead, especially white paint.

  2. Glory ..I never really heard about the testing kits..thanks for telling me!

  3. What stunning nurseries! My favourite is the one shown in picture 1. Caroline Zoob has a lovely book out on with ideas on how to decorate children's room.
    Have a lovely Easter
    Isabelle x

  4. Gorgeous images! In a nursery I'd always get a brand new cot and mattress because of safety (the bars in old ones are the wrong size and babies heads can slip through). But you can go vintage on pretty much everything else, drawers, pictures etc. Have fun :)

  5. I agree with everyone up above. Vintage is beautiful but with babies always wanting to put their little tiny gums on everything I would stay away from anything painted before the date Glory said. Also many drugs store sell home kits to test for lead. I am loving all these pretty and soft looking!!!Vintage is pretty and many new items out there have a very authentic vintage look. Good Luck to You and have FUN decorating!!!

  6. o.k., these pics are stunning!!

  7. These are all so beautiful! Very inspiring! I just came across your blog and love looking at all the great pictures! I am now a follower! Thanks for sharing!!


  8. I absolutley LOVE everything about your blog!
    What a wonderful journey I just took....It is feeding my imagination.
    Fabulous creative friends.
    Best Wishes!
    Joelle XOXO

  9. I'm such a huge fan of this site!! Good job! Keep up the good work!