Friday, April 10, 2009

My Dream: Flea market in Kuwait

why don't we have something similar to this in Kuwait? a flea market of new or used items .. all of good quality and history..Enough chinese made home furnishings and accessories!!

Any thoughts?




  1. Bashayer,
    What a wonderful idea, do you think this could be possible? I hope you and your family are well. I write often to my friends still living in Dubai, they say it is getting hot. Were I live we had a big snow storm last week, but I know spring is just around the corner. All my best….~ Cathy~

  2. Cathy ..all are well thank you for asking.. yes its getting pretty warm in here and I love it LOL.. I'm not sure I can handle cold weather at all.. let alone a snow storm! let's hope spring comes early this year..:)

  3. This might be a stupid question, but do you have flea markets of any kind in Kuwait? I bet you have some really cool finds there...unlike here in the states. I'd love to see pictures! How about markets with handmade goods??