Saturday, July 4, 2009

back with treasures, Apples and Jam !

Decor Amor
I spent quite a time in bookshops all over London, searching for fun and new books to carry back home.. it wasnt easy as I had my 1 year old toddler running around the place and trying to tear out some pages of some books.. it was a challenge to keep an eye on her , and the other on the lovley delicious books I found!
Tessa Kiros is one of my finds,, a great author for AMAZING cookbooks.. I bought the " Apples for Jam" .. its filled with lovley photography , classic food , stories , sketches and lots of nostalgia! I consider it a JOURNAL ..not just a cookbook!
check out the book from AMAZON.. she also has other books that are just toooo pretty!


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  1. I own Apples for Jam and absolutely LOVE it. I want the others, hopefully in time.