Sunday, September 20, 2009

See this ?Airy Country House ...

see this farmhouse? how pretty is it covered in sheer curtains ? but wait , lets look inside first!!
welcome to the living room. what can I say about it? such a chic space , very airy and light . I could definetly relax in there .. see the blue chairs ? they are covered in velvet & organza slipcovers.. how amazing is that? the dinning room , with its The Scandinavian tradition of painted floors the country style kitchen , my I would die for the space in this kitchen!

my favorite part: the vintage buffet!!
her girl's room..
an old church window brought in for a touch of scandanavian style

some treats she always have on the tables for guests , as she loves to throw parties and gatherings..

meet Carrie , who knows how to style her home in the way she & her family feel most comfortable in..
now , where do I start?



  1. Oh I have always loved this house!! :)

  2. I've had this layout filed too. I love it. So blissful, calm and serene.
    xxx kim

  3. She's gorgeous!! Just like her home..I love everything once again!!Like a home blowing in the breeze!!!

  4. I love everything about this glorious home - where does it come from??

  5. oh, I would die for a house like this... it's so lovely... i love the coach and the fireplace corner. it's just perfect. nothing to say!
    have a great monday!

  6. how gorgeous!! why do i live in an apartment in the city?! i am truly envious!

  7. Simply gorgeous and the blues are to die for, I like the "playfulness" done on the couches' fabric too.

  8. A very relaxing and beautiful home that's the beauty of design and style you have to make your home into something that works for you and your family there is no wrong way. I could curl up with a good book and just relax.

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  10. Thanks for sharing your blog, what a loverly dream home, admiring from hawaii