Sunday, September 6, 2009

lots of things to share...

via Vintage Home

I missed everyone!! I'm glad to say I'm back.. been VERY busy lately specially with celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan .. lots of feasts lots of food lots of socializing and family get-togethers..

I have news.. and I have alot in my trunk to share with all of you! thanks alot for following and commenting .. this is what keeps me going!



  1. Oh! I noticed I had a new follower at my blog this afternoon, but NEVER could I have guessed what a stylish, beautifully wondrous blogger it would be.

    What a site! I'm in pure eyecandy heaven. Heaven! Heaven, I tell you!

    Bless you for finding me, that I could discover you. Will be back. And Back. and back.

    Wishes and wondrances,


  2. Wonderful treasures by the looks, cant wait to see them all. Welcome back.

  3. Welcome back Bash. Love to see the treasures that flow out of your trunk! xoxo