Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Once Upon a Room ..

Interiors tell stories ..such as those shoots by James Merrell .. thank you Moa Maria for informing me about him!!



  1. Hi, love your blog. I am also in the interiors field...my job title is interior designer, but in reality i believe it should be interior architecture also. Did you have to go through any architect training to get your title or just design school, etc? Would love to chat...bmommy1@gmail.com

  2. I love the first image, such a clam, restful and yet elegant space

  3. I love the awesome off-center pictures hanging above that mantel. So lovely and unexpected!

  4. Brandi I will email you to chat about this :) I did architecture but took courses in UK in interior architecture too ..

    Vanya all I know is I want to live in these places.. how? I dont know!!! My house doesnt have enough room to change and redecorate!!

    Sarah Thank you for your comment!! it is such a lovely collection!!