Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Perfect Table Linen ..

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The more I get involved into the whole cooking & baking experience , which I'm still considred as a beginner at , I find myself withdrawn so much to foodstyling blogs and beautifully presented plates in magazines.. and noticing that the meal shooted wouldnt look that good if it weren't for some particular elements that captures its beauty and creates a more meaningful presentation for a photo shoot. adding a nice plate , pretty vase with flowers , pretty vintage silverware , all add more richness to the photos.. But the tablesettings would not be complete without beautiful delicate linen. the older , more vintage , more worn out linen , The Better!!

just look for yourself , how much pretty linen would transfor the whole dinning experience into an artistic , or even better , more romantic journey.. making it not just food , but a presentation of what we eat ,& how we eat .



  1. you have given me some great ideas for the use of those wonderfully coordinated fat quarters! What a fun post! (also ADORED the post on Robin's Egg Blue!)

  2. wow, dats amazing, extremely wonderful ideas. If anyone interested in range of table linen can visit

  3. Chandra.. Oh you cant believe how much I love table linen!!

    Comments.. this is a great website! thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful blog, thanks for your effort!