Sunday, August 9, 2009

Double Awards.. Double Thank you's!

It's always good news to know that my blog recieved an award ..this is a great experience, not only to proudly show it off on my blog ( yes I admit to be that shallow ) .. but its a great way to be introduced to other blogs .. check out their ideas , their lives.. and best of all ? make friends with people who live thousands and thousands miles away! Some of these friends I made dont even speak the same language , but thanks to Google Translator , nothing can stand in my way now! so bring on these friendships .. ( & awards .. of course! )

the beautiful Ruth from The Beautiful Life .. gave me the Spread the Love Award.. thank you Ruth!

and the gorgeous Aimee from A Garden To Remember gave me the One Lovely Blog Award.. thanks alot Aimee!

bellow are the blogs that I'd like to send " Spread the Love Award " to :

and those get the " One Lovely Blog Award " :

thank you all for being such an inspiration and such great friends from all around the world!


  1. Congrats on the awards, and so well deserved.

    Your blog is so restful. The photos you share are always lovely and inspiring.
    It's the perfect place to just kick your shoes off, grab a cuppa, and relax for a few minutes.

  2. Congratulations on your awards, I stopped by way of Ruth's at The Beautiful Life. It's just lovely here!
    Regards ~ Rebecca

  3. Hi Bash,
    First, congratulations on your awards. You always have wonderful posts and ideas and I enjoy visiting often.
    Second, thank you for this sweet award! I truly appreciate it and feel honored you picked me. I also enjoy reading blogs internationally. It is fun to see what is hip and trendy in other countries. Lately I have been visiting several from Scandinavia that “Do White” beautifully.
    Thank you again, and give your little girl an extra hug for me.

  4. Thank you so very much, I am honored and will definitely pass it on! You very much deserve both of your awards, your work is fantastic!

  5. Congrats on the awards & thanks for sharing your favs as well. :)

  6. You deserve as many awards as you can manage.
    And I am over whelmed my your generous heart!
    Be well.

  7. thank you! thank you! thank you!!!

    I am so honored!

  8. Dear Bash,
    Congratulations on your two awards! - and thank you so much for passing one over to me! I'm honoured that you call me a friend =) Sorry I was so late in getting back to you; I'm very behind on replying to comments because I'm still on holiday...
    Have a lovely weekend!