Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rusty Hang-ups!

in Real Simple Magazine , Blogger
Holly Becker shows us yet another great find.. rustic frames made by husband and wife design duo, Daniel and Louise Schridde , from the company Obrien & Schridde.
" If you'd use any of these words to describe your home -- pure, uncomplicated style, Shabby Chic, country living, Swedish farmhouse, French country, romantic decor or the rustic look you may really love these beauties, each available in several colors, sizes and finishes" .. Simply put!



  1. I wish I could describe the interior of my home in these ways..., right now it's the "brightly colored plastic toys on the floor" look.

    These are gorgeous! Love Real Simple!

  2. Loving these frames and the look they portray.

  3. Those images of the children are absolutely striking!...and the gentle elements of the surroundings and deliberately delicate stage setting brings it all back home to heart.

    It is the photographer and the stylist who need our acknowledgment here as well as a list of sources.

  4. I just love your blog, so inspiring! I am glad I found you today!

  5. Teri.. you are absolutly correct.. If anyone know who the photographer or the stylist is please share :) they deserve the acknowledgment!

  6. They do really deserve to be acknowledge..