Sunday, June 14, 2009

Missing you .. Asmaa..

my buddy had to leave for a very long time to Canada.. I miss you Asma! Just wanted to dedicate this post for you and for the friendship I miss the most of all!

via Mary Ruffle



  1. I am in love with that photo!
    I'm sorry you're feeling a bit blue though.

  2. beautiful image. I hope you and your friend can stay in close contact despite the distance. I know how you feel - my good friends are far from me these days, but thanks to the wonders of technology we manage to stay in touch, but so not the same... xx

  3. Sweet photo and I hope you two plan a visit very soon - it is always important to have something to look forward to, xv.

  4. so sad to lose a friend. hope you'll meet soon again!

  5. Fabulous photo to go with these words.

  6. all i have to say u make me cry....
    oh and you know that i love swing??? i did'nt know you konw... i miss