Monday, May 18, 2009

Yes.. Now we're Talking!! Kitschy , Sweet House !

vibrant home of
Helena Schaeder Söderberg, a busy mom and graphic designer who lives in Stockholm, Sweden..
as reported by Holly Becker , you can read the interview here



  1. I absolutely LOVE these images! So much color and personality, and all that white!

  2. Oh, yes. Lovely - this is the look that I've tried for and not quite got to yet. Even better when there is cake involved.

  3. I still love looking at your blog! You post the most loveliest and relaxing photos. Thank You and keep it up!

  4. thank you Kaye this is so flattering!

    Glory I am still trying out this look.. but I got more clutter than usual and dont know what to do with it ( see my previous post lol )

    mary I adore the all white with punch of color aaah so relaxing!

  5. I'm glad you like the pictures of my home. You have a wonderful and lovely blog. :)

  6. Helena .. thanks alot for stopping by ! your home just brought us happiness :)