Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bohemian Paradise.. in your Backyard!

10 Steps to Your Own Paradise

Tips from Windsor Smith for creating an outdoor transitional room:

1. Stake out a flat spot in an area with indirect sunlight.
2. Create a sense of enclosure with a trellis, a canopy, or a Moroccan tent.
3. Delineate space with a cozy rug.
4. Make the area large enough for dining.
5. Use paper lanterns, ground lights, and candles for ambience.
6. Mix indoor rugs and furniture with the usual garden pieces.
Seasonal slipcovers can protect indoor furniture from weather. Add pillows for sitting and lounging—interior pillows are fine, or make covers from soft, weather-resistant fabrics.
7. Provide hard surfaces for trays of food or a pitcher of mojitos.
8. Let attractive game boards double as decorative pieces. Backgammon, chess, and checkerboards work well.
9. Use colors that imply a completely separate experience. Think international, ocean getaway, or similar escapist themes.
10. Hang art or mirrors to create the atmosphere of a real room.
I love the wooden gate.. and its in my favorite color!



  1. I don't fancy lugging all that indoor furniture out and back again to escape the British 'Summer'. Perhaps this is a design idea best left to people with a team of butlers or a more conducive climate.

  2. I agree it is a lot of work - but I think it is worth it and love the idea. Of course we just need the perfect climate, xv.

  3. Bash,
    I just got back in town and wanted to pop in and say hi. This post is perfectly timed since my hubby is setting up our patio furniture on our deck as I write this. It is finally warming up in my part of the world and I am ready to visit the garden shop to buy flowers. I really love the blue screen used in this photo. I am looking for something to add a bit more privacy and this would be perfect. ~Cathy~

  4. Your garden space looks fantastic! I'd love to follow your tips and create something similar but living on the edge of some hilly moors in the UK means the wind would put pay to it almost every day :(