Friday, March 13, 2009

My HouseWarming wish list! Part One ..

I know I've been away for a little while now.. I'm preparing for the big move to my new apartment. No more rent , thankyouverymuch! I get to decorate , paint , and change everything as I like ! I have my own house warming wishlist .. do new homeowners get to do that? or do they have to be newly married to get the " wedding registry" thing? If not , I'd like to be the first to start that trend! its a need , not a trend , mind my words!

this frame shelving , for my bathroom, YES , my BATHROOM.

those old vintage luggage ..for storage and display!
Those hooks...Oh so pretty!

via Shabby Chic

Look at this rug! It's just what I need! in a bigger size of course..Oh and the chest is pretty too!
via Shabby Chic

we are already getting this SMEG frigde/freezer , but I just wanted to brag ..

I need this KitchenAid mixer , but maybe in another color?

ah La creuset Orange..

this clock from Midas Kuwait

and this is more of a TO DO than a WishList , but it's just what I need to do with the single column standing so weirdly in the middle of the livingroom/dining room ..cover it up with wood panels!

via Paris Hotel Boutique



  1. Congratulations, your own place - that is seriously exciting! I am so looking forward to that day.

    Go the list I say :)

  2. How exciting! Your wishlist is fabulous and I feel quite sure that your apartment will be too by the time you have finished decorating it! I simply love those old suitcases stacked up, such a good idea that works.
    Good luck with it all
    Isabelle x