Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Floral Home..

Kansas antiques dealer Angie Warwick 's home is filled with lots of fresh color and florals!

via country living


  1. Hello .. this is the dream house!
    Lenita / Brazil

  2. I'm getting so many ideas for the house that we will be moving in the last of August. I really love kitchen ideas.

  3. ..I just came across your blog. WOw it is gorgeous. New follower.Sinead

  4. I'm here looking at your blog and holding my cat, so when I saw your header image....I was speachless again. So touching and inspiring.

  5. These pictures are lovely, especially the one with the old tins. And the yellow console on the beautiful wallpaper is also very pretty!

    Have a lovely day!

    P.S. If you like to have a sneak peek in our home, it's on design*sponge this week! Take a look: http://lovelythingsbyrosa.blogspot.com {just turn the key! :-) }

  6. Hi!
    I love your blog, is stunning, i just found it like a coincidence (excuse my english, is not my mother language, i'm Mexican :])
    I love very very much, interior design, eventhought i'm graphic, nor interior, but it's ufff wonderful :D.
    Congratulations for your marvelous blog, really, it's my favorite.
    I'm going to mention it on my tumblr :)

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  8. Love looking at all of the pics today. Thank you for sharing. Lots of inspiration!!!

  9. What a great house this is! My bedroom is done in blues, so many of her ideas can be transposed to my room. Also, my LR sofa & chair are the same muted green as in her LR; and that orange wall is giving me ideas!!! Thanks.

  10. Floral designs in your home make me feel I'm back in the old times. They look old but they add a very relaxing ambiance in a room.

  11. Everything looks so cheerful! Your vintage things are displayed to make everything look so fresh and bright! Love it! Linda

  12. Gorgeous! Love that beautiful kitchen. Enjoy the wonderful day, Kellie xx