Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to Create a Century Style Home?

a house featured on Skona Hem , combines alot of the elements of making a fairytale chateau like house from older centuries.. some of these elements are : vintage coat hangers.. opt for older looking ones , in wood or rusty metal.. they do add a touch of vintage to a space!

the mix and match wooden chairs add a lot of elegance and rustic touches to a dinning room! love em!
Opt for flea market finds and antique store finds for silverware and serveware.. carried in beautiful worn-out carriers like these ..

thin glass cabinets.. that hide secrets of old times.. love it so much

napkins , lace towels , throws with vintage flare, draped beautifully on a rustic metal hanger.. would turn the bedroom , living room or even the bathroom into a luxurious century styled space!



  1. great post and great pictures! i love this century style described by you!
    have a very sweet day!

  2. the flea market finds certainly help,nice post

  3. It's all so lovely! My new focus is on vintage linens. They are simple and perfect for every setting.


  4. Love the fact they mixed a modern lamp into the mix in the 4th picture. Makes it fresh.

  5. vintage linen is also my aim!! I cant find good ones.. even when I travelled to Paris on September of this year , vintage linen is hard hard to find! Gold Like!

    thanks for the comments!

  6. Beautiful rooms I like the look of the mix and match chairs.