Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday DIY Gift Ideas!

fabric covered journals
cinnamon stick candles !

monogramed apron

Flatware holder

pressed flowers in a vintage frame

Fabric-Covered Boxes

card pocket and beautiful wrapping
more creative holiday gift ideas on Country Living



  1. I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting. Great ... Keep it up!. For more details of the gifts you can check the Christmas Gifts

  2. Loved all the gift ideas, especially fabric covered journals.

  3. I'll bet I have enough fabric scraps to cover some books and boxes. I'll have to give that a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. So lovely gift ideas! Thanks for sharing!
    A nice start of December to you!

  5. What fabulous gift ideas! I'm going to give the journals a try for a few friends of mine. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Those are great DIY ideas for christmas. Since I've been laid off from my regular job we will be doing a lot of handmade gifts this year. I real like those cinnamon candle sticks.

  7. I do so love fabric covered journals.
    Thank you for sharing.
    All the very best.

  8. Love, love, LOVE the covered journals! I've covered books in the past (albeit with brown craft paper) but insist on looking high and low for adorable journals. Don't know why I've never thought to cover my own. Oye!

  9. First, your blog is so delicious to look at. If only I had one single cell of design sense in me, I'd be happy! Alas, I do not, so I will make do by drooling over your photos.

    Second, I love, love, love the idea of DIY gifts. There is nothing more precious or sincere as a handmade gift. Thanks for some fabulous ideas.

    And now, to put my money where my tweets are, I'm off to click on some of your ads! Hee, hee. :D


  10. I love candle sticks.What a great effort.Add some more collection...Send gifts to pakistan